Tuesday, June 11, 2013

"We All Have Our Challenges," young author says

A 22-year-old woman who was born with cerebral palsy and has advanced cancer has written a book being sold on Amazon and eBay that will inspire those who read it.
Liliya Bromberg’s dream “for several years was to write a book from her experiences that could give people a powerful perspective on life,” she wrote in response to email questions from a reporter because she cannot speak due to her disability.
Bromberg’s “We All Have Our Challenges: Bits of Wisdom,” sells for $8.89 on Amazon and Ryan G. Beale helped the Oak Park woman write the paperback. Beale was introduced to Bromberg by Bassie Shemtov of the Friendship Circle of West Bloomfield. The Michigan nonprofit provides services to those with disabilities.
One reviewer said her book is “a gift to us all” and it will “fill your soul with love, courage, and faith that transcends all boundaries.”
Bromberg, who is of Russian decent, said a main theme of her book is that “we ask g-d for help and our friends for support” in our lives.
“Life is about helping others and if we are not helping others than we have to rethink what kind of life we are living,” writes Bromberg, who receives services from the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center in terms of respite for her parents and help with dressing, eating and other daily activities.
Bromberg loves scrapbooking and listening to music and says her “most difficult challenge” is the lack of mobility and the cancer, “which is affecting me greatly.”
Bromberg has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, which means her legs and arms are paralyzed, and a rare form of cancer which destroys major organs. Part of the money from book sales will be donated to The Friendship Circle, Kids of Courage and cancer research.
She is an optimist and believes “the day will come when more people are open to embracing those with disabilities and it will be less effort to have a normal life.”
Since her cancer has weakened her body, Bromberg has had to turn down a trip to Disney World that was to begin June 10 and paid for by the Friendship Circle. Instead of a trip, Bromberg met Cinderella at her home on May 29 as a gift from “Kids of Courage,” said Beale.
“Life is a day to day process,” Bromberg writes. “I love friendship and I love going for strolls for fresh air. Faith to me is what keeps me alive and gives me hope.”
Jerry Wolffe is the Writer in Residence/Advocate at Large at Macomb-Oakland Regional Center. He can be reached at (586) 263-8950.