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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Hundreds to enjoy evening of dining and dancing at Shine prom at Kensington Church

As many as 400 people from Oakland County plan to attend the "Shine" prom starting at 6:30 p.m. Friday, May 3, at Kensington Community Church at 1825 East Square Lake Road in Troy.
Most of the participants, who will be 16 or older, have disabilities but dozens of volunteers have come forward from surrounding communities to help them have a good evening and a grand entrance.
At least 50 elementary school students will form an honor line with pompoms and flags and cheer as the guests are brought to the dance and enter the church for an evening of joy.
Each will be matched up with a buddy, said Julie Frei, who helped plan the event.
A shop that went out of business donated 80 prom dresses for the women to wear at the dance which is scheduled to end at 9 p.m. but is likely to go later as music is played by deejays Mike Murdy and Ricky Bledsoe.
Gentlemen will be dressed in their finest but can wear comfortable, casual clothes if they chose.
Before dancing begins, the guests will dine on gluten-free food with an option of a vegan plate. Main courses will include vegan pizza, grilled chicken, potatoes, mixed vegetables and desserts, said Frei.
"The goal is to have fun and develop a more positive attitude toward life," she added.
"The whole point of the evening is to show that people embrace the disability community," Frei said.
She said a campus director at Kensington church said, "We feel God is moving us with purpose in the direction of helping the disabled become a greater part of the mainstream of society."

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