Monday, March 24, 2014

Microbusinesses show varied talents of those with disabilities

Dozens of entrepreneurs showcased their microbusinesses at the “Champions for Achievement” event at the Troy Community Center, demonstrating that people with disabilities would rather work than be jobless.

Microbusiness owners set up tables at the center Friday, March 21, to bring awareness to one of the more recent innovations to earn money for those with disabilities, who face a 50-percent-plus unemployment rate.
Attorney Charlie Langton from Fox 2 Detroit was emcee at the event which was sponsored by the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center, Community Living Services, and the Oakland County Community Mental Health Authority.

“I was very surprised to see so much talent,” Langton said. “To see what these microbusiness owners do and their positive attitudes is amazing. It’s hard when you have a disability to make it but these people are a good example for all of us.”
Joseph Lutzky, the proprietor of Moose’s Lodge and Pet Services, earns money by walking dogs, cleaning up their waste from yards or keeping a pet overnight for those who might go on vacation.

“This is my whole life,” said Lutzky, of Ferndale noting he gets most of his new business from word of mouth or at his Webpage of
Valerie C. Kashubara, 31, of West Bloomfield, has been selling Avon products since she started her business in 2010. “The time has gone by so quickly I can hardly believe it.” She likes selling Avon because “I can do as much or little as I want.” She can be reached at

Ryan Dupuis, 26, of Royal Oak, owns “Made by Ryan,” a business in which he sells his paintings. His style was abstract with a great explosion of coordinated colors on his canvasses. He also makes dog leashes and collars which range in price from $10 to $20 depending upon size.
Elizabeth Martin, of Beverly Hills, operates “Elegant Designs” which includes a great variety of pottery such as serving platters to art work in the shape of rectangles, hearts, and starfish and also makes baby clothes. Martin works 25 to 30 hours a week creating her products.

Jaideep Hans, 35, of Rochester Hills, displays his artwork at various venues and opened his “Jay’s Reflections” three years ago. Those who work with him says he finds art to be a way of calming and refocusing himself.
Ricky Bledsoe, 28, of Warren, owner of DJR Productions LLC of Warren, entertained the business owners and visitors by using a complex computer/sound system to play music. “It’s to help make people happy,” Bledsoe said of his enterprise.

He provides music through DJR to all types of events over the Internet and can be hired by visiting his Website at Bledsoe, known as “DJ Ricky,” has a huge selection of all types of music since he has a terabyte of selections on various computer drives. Money he earns he puts back into the business, he said.
Amie Kupovits of Walled Lake opened “Amie’s Avon” in 2010. She sells Avon in Macomb and Oakland counties. With tears in her eyes, she said her business “gives me a whole new life and I really appreciate everything.”

Jerry Wolffe is the writer-in-residence/advocate-at-large at the Macomb-Oakland Regional Center. He can be reached at 586 263-8950.

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  1. After spending the day in prayer, spiritual-meditation, and deep soul searching, I decided to step outside my comfort zone for the 1rst time in many years. After "briefly-browsing" many websites; (VERY unusual for me now unfortunately) I was led to your wonderful blog which has touched upon numerous emotions in me; most of which I've been deprived of for too long, for me to possibly convey here.
    Thank You For; turning on a light inside which was growing too dim to notice; For Hope-Faith-Love; Love of reading-writing, Faith of ever-growing ever-changing, Hope of brighter moments, hours and days that are yet to come.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, Writer-in-Residence/Advocate-at-Large, Mr. Jerry Wolffe!
    {Forgive me, but it really was the 1rst thing that caught my attention as I skimmed through this site, it's a Great Title!) :-)
    I truly look forward to reading your inspirational, educational, thoughts and words of "Voice of Disabilities" as I, too, once again, try to find My way toward Becoming What I Was Born to Be.
    ~Write On Jerry~
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